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Once you plug into a powerful system of transformation and begin to apply Brave & Empowering Thinking to your life, you can replace the symptoms of fear, self-doubt and limiting beliefs with courage, confidence and clarity, to PROPEL yourself towards your dreams… in ALL areas of life.

As a Life Mastery Consultant:

As a Life Mastery Consultant:  

6 month Leverage Program: Using 6 Pillars or domains:

1) Intention.

2) Health.

3) Abundance.

4) Manifestation.

5) Love.

6) Transformation.

Life is all about GROWTH – each domain is 4 weeks; pick and choose where you want to start with.  Coaching lessons vary from month to month, so check back to find out my upcoming schedule. Or contact me for more information.  In going for a breakthrough, is it important to keep raising the bar, absolutely we are constantly being pulled either by longing and discontent.  Let’s discover which one is pulling you and how long it’s been there.  Success is achievable!
“When we participate in our own miracles, the windows of heaven open and fill us with divine strength.” MARY MORRISSEY

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Understanding is powerful in transforming beliefs and behaviors. True understanding only comes when we delve beyond our conscious thoughts.

RTTⓇ helps the client uncover the root cause of why they feel the way they do. Unlike other therapies which focus on the issue or challenge, RTTⓇ helps the client discover the origin of the beliefs and behaviors that have led to their issue. Using a unique set of tools and techniques, RTTⓇ supports the client in transforming their current issue and moving forward with a new set of more beneficial and positive beliefs.

Your RTT® professional will help you reach a deeply relaxed state to enable you to focus on past events. As the client, you will work alongside your RTT® professional to uncover the meaning and interpretation you created at the time and the beliefs you formed as a result. You can then move on to reframe the way you look at the past from your adult perspective today.
Once that has been achieved, your RTT® professional will help you to create new, positive beliefs. This will be reinforced with a personalized audio for you to listen to for 21-30 days to establish beneficial change going forward.

Hypnotherapy is carried out under hypnosis, and it can cover a wide range of practices. Through hypnosis, the therapist gains access to the subconscious mind and then, using suggestion and convincers, the therapist aims to make long-lasting change. Typically, this can take between 6-10 sessions. RTT® is different from standard hypnotherapy because it uses hypnosis to find the root cause of the client’s issue. Once clients understand how and when negative beliefs and behaviors were formed, they feel empowered to make real change. This awareness and knowledge means that change can happen more quickly than with standard hypnotherapy, as the client does not need convincing that change is possible – they know it. It’s the ultimate empowering experience.

RTT® offers a comprehensive range of transformational techniques, including ways to access the body’s innate ability to heal and restore itself to wellness from a cellular level. Science has proved that we can rewire our minds through neuroplasticity – this is why the mind has the most powerful potential on the planet. By using RTT® to access the subconscious mind, we can create new neural pathways and replace old limiting beliefs and behaviors with new, empowering ones.

Being in hypnosis typically feels like a state of deep relaxation and heightened suggestibility. Some people may feel more focused and have a heightened imagination, while others may feel as though they are in a dream-like state. The experience of hypnosis varies from person to person, but it is generally described as a calm and peaceful state of mind.

The experience of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can vary from person to person. Some people may feel a sense of relief, clarity, and empowerment after their RTT session, while others may feel more energized and motivated to make positive changes in their lives. Some may also feel an emotional release as they work through and resolve past traumas or negative beliefs during the session.

Online sessions are equally effective as in person sessions.

If you go back to scenes that are related to be painful, it is important for you to know that you are not reliving the event, you are only reviewing it and you are safe. I will help you safely review these scenes with careful consideration. It is important to me to create a safe place for you to express your emotions and heal.

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